Do you know
Graf Lantz?

I posted about this company just last July when they had a special sale.

I had wanted the Hana Tote in orange but, too bad, it was sold out. So I bought this Teal Blue:

The bags come in this reusable heavy cotton sack!



Graf Lantz is offering all my readers

Just click that highlighted link above and you will be taken to the website.
Full disclosure: I will also receive a coupon for 20% off my next purchase if you buy through that link. 

So, it’s kind of a win-win for everyone!  Remember, these products are MADE IN THE USA!

And, I will tell you, I just love my bag. It’s my second tote from this great company: well-made, quality materials, fast shipping, great customer service and always gets lots of compliments.
Let me know if you order!



Valentines Day is fast approaching…

Maybe you are wondering what to ask for ? Maybe you have a mother, sister, daughter, or friend for whom you want a small something to give?

I’ve tried to keep the price points low here. And I’ve searched for some things that are maybe a bit unusual. And, of course, feel free to buy one for yourself!

First, let’s look at some lovely jewelry pieces:

How about some spa, or personal, gifts:

 And finally, isn’t this a gorgeous box of chocolates?
It is made by
La Châtelaine Chocolat Co.

I’ve been following Shannon and Wlady on Instagram for a long time and am so impressed with them and their company. They are located in Bozeman, Montana but also teach workshops in chocolate making in France (Wlady is French..) I’ve actually never had their chocolates, but just maybe I will order some! Theirs is a romantic story; but also another great example of a small, independent retailer making waves in the great sea of oversized, commercial companies. Please do visit their site, and follow them on IG and FB.


And, as it happens, I also follow another small, independent chocolate company. This one:
Lake Champlain Chocolates

is in Burlington, Vermont. Years ago I first saw their products in Massachsetts and was so impressed with the wonderful graphics on each package. Year after year they have maintained this very high quality for all their artwork..and yes, for their chocolates. We actually visited the plant a few summers ago, took the tour, and bought lots of chocolates!

Happy shopping!



Yes, there are signs of Spring in my neighborhood!

The Hellebores have emerged although most are still burrowed down in the leaves. If you will recall I went last spring up to Pine Knot Farms  

Hellebores are fairly new to me and I love them: such harbingers of Spring and so lovely as cut flowers.

I will definitely be posting more of these as the season progresses!

Look at these hyacinths pushing their way upward. I only hope they don’t get zapped with a really cold night; but they are facing West so maybe will stay warm enough..


The hellebore foetidus is one of my favorites to cut. The greenery is so lush in any arrangement.


The daffodils have started to spring up everywhere. This was taken five days ago: they are twice as tall now!


Even the Larkspur has emerged. I planted many, many more seeds in the fall so I should have a wonderful crop of these lovely flowers!


The Pansies are coming back to life. After being dormant, and looking quite dead, for two months they have begun to rebloom:


Finally, the Winter Jasmine has just started blooming. Such a lovely sight to see along our western side by the road.

I am sure you aware that Valentines Day is fast approaching! I am putting together some ideas for unique and unusual gifts and trinkets that might interest you. Post will go up on Sunday, and give you just enough time to order for February 14th!