seeing the world around us in color and posting inspirations found in the details of design

Most of my working career has been spent designing home furnishings products. I’ve designed fabric for high end to-the-trade companies, I’ve worked in studios in New York City for both home fashion and women’s wear, and I’ve designed prints for products such as rugs, ceramic dinnerware, paper products, bedding and wallpaper. I began as a studio artist, then began freelancing through an agent, and finally started my own design studio, Libby Wilkie Designs, Inc. My favorite product to design? Dinnerware and ceramics without a doubt.

I met my husband (on a blind date!) when we were both living in New York City; we eventually moved to the Hudson Valley where we raised our daughter and I had my design company; and three years ago we moved down here, to North Carolina.

I can’t get enough of color and design and, lucky for me, they are everywhere. We have owned two houses which have given me the wonderful and challenging opportunity of designing my own space. As the years go by I find I have become more willing to play with color. One of the first things anyone says when they enter our house here is how well we have put together the colors.

 And here are a few random facts about me:

  • I am a blogger. At times it seems I am totally consumed by it. Is that good or bad? And then there is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

  • I love gardening. Gardening has become more and more a part of my life the older I get.

  • I love the gym and would have a very difficult time living without it. as a total surprise to both me and my family, I started swimming three years ago. Thirty minutes, goggles and all.

  • I love jewelry: all kinds. Always and forever.

  • Photography. This has become an important part not only of my blog, but of my learning-new-things-in life. I love taking photo courses for all the challenges they offer but also as another way to meet new people all over the world who share my interests.

  • I never, ever drink coffee. Gave it up about 25 years ago and now drink only Assam tea (loose tea only!).
  • I am a Francophile. My idea of heaven is landing at Charles de Gaulle airport and knowing what awaits me after I finally make it out of there. I love the French language and the challenge of speaking it.

  • Friends. So many new friends made in blogging and the courses I’ve taken.


Old friends and new friends: thank you for reading and supporting this blog!

A few images, both of my childhood growing up outside of Philadelphia; and then some more recent travel photos.


That’s me on the right with the popsicle, with my Mother and sister and dog looking longingly at my ice cream!

Me swimming

That is me: in the red suit, front and center. Don’t you love the plastic headband?

More travel images coming soon!

me in Avignon

“Sur le Pont d’Avignon”: one of my earliest trips to Provence when I became a Francophile!



And here, another trip to Provence, in 2013 showing how to stay comfortable and with sun protection.


Image 4

Looking quite glamorous outside Harrods! Read about the trip HERE.



Another wonderful mother/daughter trip to Barcelona in November 2015. You can read about it HERE.



I will be adding a more complete selection of some of my products from various manufacturers. So stay tuned!

Zagara photo

“Zagara” by Deruta. One of my favorites that I designed and we use the dessert plates every day.