This has been a first for me: saving seeds from some of my favorite flowers.

It just seemed so right and natural and yes, easy, that I couldn’t resist. For the first time in years I have had some lovely, aka successful, annuals in my garden.

First up are these Larkspur:


Another one I am trying is
Scabiosa ‘Black Knight’
This is probably my all time favorite annual!


scabiosa black knight seeds


And last, the Hyacinth Bean Vine. I tried this on a whim and ordered seeds last spring from
Floret Flowers.


Yes, really, it’s that easy. Be sure to let the flowers and pods dry thoroughly before you gather the seeds. And be SURE to gather them over a dish or paper! I used that shallow white dish but also use waxed paper as it’s easy to use as a funnel to put them into envelopes for storage for the spring. Always store the seeds in paper and never plastic. Don’t forget to label them!

I will let you know next summer whether this all worked, and of course, you will see any results right here!



    THAT SCABIOSA is a STUNNER!!!!!!!!!!
    LA CONTESSA recently posted…TAMERA BEARDSLEYMy Profile

  2. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised. I had an old fashioned nicotiana plant which is tall, lanky and rather ugly but the flowers smell heavenly at dusk and during the night. They are difficult to find and I did have success saving seeds, so good luck.

  3. I think I need scabiosa in my garden.
    Carol recently posted…It’s Good to Get AwayMy Profile

  4. Your Scabiosa ‘Black Knight’ is gorgeous!! I’ve been growing my first Meyer Lemon tree. It’s taken months for it to even begin to turn yellow. Since we could have had a light freeze last night, I didn’t want to miss my opportunity to sample one of them, so I picked the one that was 95% yellow… Haven’t tried it yet. Since it didn’t freeze, I have my fingers crossed for the other four. We’ll see! Brenda

    • Oh, the Meyer lemons…. I was gifted one and it was healthy. Well, two years later it is so utterly bedraggled looking, hardly any leaves etc. However, every year it has 4 gorgeous, perfect lemons! So I bought another tree last spring that was very healthy at the garden center. It was fine all summer and now has 6 lemons slowly turning yellow, and even a few flowers! I do put them out all summer where they regain strength (and leaves!) Oh, the care we give our plants!!!

  5. I wish I could go larkspur, I love the flowers but they don’t seem to love me! The Hyacinth Bean Vine I have never come across before, those seed pods are so eye catching! It will be good to have these lovely flowers in your garden next year too. Thanks for joining in with me this month. Sarah x

  6. Libby, I’ve never grown anything from seed. I’ve always wanted to try! Especially since many of the plants that I’ve read about are hard to find. Definitely going to try next spring.

    • Loi: Well, I do find it very tricky (except for zinnias which grow anywhere!) The Larkspur was iffy: coming up fine in two places and nothing at all in two others. Who knows… As for the Scabiosa: well, I covered my new plants with glass cloche most of last winter, at night, and then they made it fine. Good luck!

  7. I never used to grow from seed, much less collect seeds from my own plants, but I’ve accumulated some successes with both so it’s part of my agenda mow too. Best wishes with your seed collection!