I’ve written before about Japanese Anemones…so let’s do it again!
They are truly one of the delights of autumn. At once colorful and yet delicate and always lovely. They are almost stately on their long thin stems that then make such perfect cut flowers.

Just gorgeous! This is ‘Bressingham Glow’



The all time favorite: ‘Honorine Jobert’



japanese anemone

And here, the ubiquitous ‘Richard Ahrens’ mixed with Russian Sage for a most lovely fall arrangement!

japanese anemone

They do best in part shade.. and yet those above in the green pitcher are doing well in a very hot and sunny spot. They DO need a lot of water..but look at them: they look happy right?

Today was quite a day in my terrace garden: we dug up ALL the soil for a 12″ depth and replaced it with enriched topsoil; that was after I dug up ALL the plants and bulbs and set them aside. So now comes the fun part of planting some brand new hydrangeas, deciding which lilies I will want, looking at dahlias for the spring and perhaps planting some pansies for the winter.
It’s busy around here as the warm weather continues…

I’m working on something special for you for next week, so check back!!

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  1. Sounds like you are busy! I love these anemones too and the rich color of Bressingham Glow is especially pretty.
    Marian St.Clair recently posted…In a Vase on Monday–October 16, 2017My Profile

    • Well, having finished one bed, I’ve decided to do another. This is not good! It could spread to my entire garden area!!! But oh, the soil for next spring will be so healthy and gorgeous.

  2. I love Japanese Anemones, we only have the white ones here at our house, but they are multiplying and are in flower from August through October, quite incredible, I find them so graceful, they line our drive and always make me feel happy as soon as I drive in! have a lovely weekend xx

    • Susan: Sorry for the delay here! I’ve been redoing one of our gardens and the weather is so gorgeous, I hate to come in and sit at the computer! But yes, anemones are special, aren’t they? We wait all summer and finally they make an appearance, lovely and serene…

  3. I adore Japanese anemones too. They grew fairly well in my former, shady garden. Although I inherited some with my current garden, they struggle to survive in this hotter, sunnier, and drier space. I’ve had a just a handful of blooms thus far and can’t reasonably expect more as another of our seemingly never-ending heatwaves is kicking off. However, I’m trying to ignore the heat, dreaming of cooler temperatures, a long list of garden projects, and, of course, rain!