It’s getting to be that time…time to travel!

In a few short weeks I’m heading off to London. And from there I’ll be going up to
The Cotswolds
for a six-day garden tour.


I’ve never been to the The Cotswolds and often dream of seeing more English gardens. So… this will be a special trip. Husband had NO interest in doing this (gee, I wonder why??) and I am very happy to go alone. Our group is small: maximum of 15 people. We stay in whatever hotel/inn/B&B we want so I chose two really lovely hotels. I’ll be visiting Hidcote, Highgrove, Kiftsgate and more, including several small, private gardens.
I will definitely be showing you our itinerary and links to hotels etc. in future posts, so stay tuned.


After my six days I will head back to London for four more days. Both before and after the tour I will be seeing old and new friends from the U.K.. This will really be a treat! I’ve been taking courses, and am a member of,
where I have met SO many wonderful new friends. The “problem” is that most of them live in England; so this is a perfect opportunity to meet them.

And, as an added bonus, daughter will also be in London for my last four days. It’s been almost three years since we were there together and had such a wonderful time: read about it here
Spending Some Time in London

It’s been and continues to be very very busy around here: thus my absence. I will try to post as often as possible but it may well not be on a regular schedule.


  1. Libby, your trip to England sounds like my dream! Have fun!!
    Barb recently posted…Five Things Friday | May 19My Profile

  2. Kathy Kosinski says:

    Libby, can’t wait to see the pictures from your trip. You’ve done so much planning for it I’m sure it will be great – especially with elizabeth visiting in London.

  3. Ana Maria says:

    Have a wonderful trip! Each and every village in the Cotswolds is beautiful. Try to find the weekly markets and stop in every pub you find!

    God bless you!

    • Ah yes, the pubs!!! And the tea rooms. Dinner, and food, is a large part of the tour so I’ll report on all those too. Can’t wait!

  4. Sounds fabulous! Will be anxious to read about the journey upon your return.

    Safe travels to you.


    • Thank you Sharon! I look forward to it all, but as in any travel, it can also seem daunting. All that moving around, planes, trains, taxis, hotels. But it’s so worth it! And the last few days with daughter will be just pure fun…

  5. Looking forward to reading about your trip, Libby. I’m heading to England myself in the fall. Are you travelling with a group the whole trip?
    Sue Burpee recently posted…Hair Management: Learning to Live With Wilful LocksMy Profile

    • Sue: No, I go alone, spend two days in London and then take the train to Cotswolds to join up with the small group. But the only really organiized thing is the gardens each day, as we all can stay in different hotels etc. Then, I take the train back to London and see friends and daughter. She’s the one who put me on to the hotel which looks just lovely and SO convenient. But I’ll review it all, for sure. Your travel posts have been just superb; blogging really does bring the world to us, doesn’t it? And today I bought a new suitcase and most definitely decided to check it both ways. I don’t know how Susan/Une Femme does a carry on! Being alone is also different as I can’t possibly lift any suitcase up top! More later…..

  6. Debbie Liebtag says:

    We are going to London and the Cotswolds too, we have a book on hiking trails if you want to look at before you go. We are leaving Tuesday the 30th.

    • Wait, I thought you were joining us on the 30th for dinner? Thank you for the offer, but I think the tour has us pretty well taken care of with gardens each day! We will compare our experiences afterward, right?

  7. You are going to have so much fun. I loved the Cotswolds and would go back in a heartbeat. If you’re anywhere near Tewkesbury I hope you find time to visit Beckford Silk. With your graphic design & textile background, I think you’d find it fascinating. Enjoy those gardens.
    Cyndi recently posted…I Hate It When This Happens – Computers!My Profile

    • Cyndi: No, we have a garden schedule to keep …so not too much wandering. Staying in Chipping Camden for 3 nights, then to Cirencester for the next three. I’ll be reporting, for sure!

  8. I haven’t been able to visit the The Cotswolds as well. Sounds really promising. I am waiting for pictures and details.
    Have a Great voyage.