I planted them on November 30th which is just about my usual time.  And all was fine…until February when we had that early spring! Suddenly the temperatures soared for days on end and the ground warmed up long before it was supposed to. The poor tulips were so confused and never had their full time of cold weather to form proper roots and s-l-o-w-l-y emerge.

This was on March 7, about two weeks earlier than usual:



These are, believe it or not, the same bed of tulips. This is 5 days later, on March 12 after our snowfall.
They do look pretty, don’t they?


And here they are March 18, almost a week later. They look almost normal here, except they ARE short. These are about 8-10″ high, when they should be about 16″.

These are the Tulip Menton from John Scheepers

I also planted the  White Emperor and purple Caravelle which haven’t bloomed yet.


And here, looking like Easter eggs (!) we have some end-of-season, off-the-rack from a local small store version of tulip! Really, they look like those plastic eggs you buy at Easter filled with small chocolates. Right?

Let’s just say that you get what you pay for!


The best for last. This is in another garden where the tulips are a bit more shaded and protected and thus have experienced a more “normal” growing season.

This is the Tulip Van Eijk from Longfield Gardens.
They are just beginning and most have not even begun to flower. So I’ll report back with (hopefully) some wonderful images of this garden. Another two weeks maybe?

Happy Spring, and I hope the weather is improving wherever you are!


  1. They are pretty Libby. Great to have some color to enjoy even if it comes on short stems.
    Susie recently posted…In A Vase On Monday – March ParallelMy Profile

  2. Roberta Nickelsen says:

    Interesting. So pretty, even as they struggle. Love the picture with the snow. Thanks for posting, Libby.

    • Hi Robin: Yes, they were at their prettiest with the light dusting of snow. You never know, do you? We’re away for a week now so it will be a real surprise when I get home on Sunday. To be continued!

  3. Ellen Evett says:

    Up here close to Boston the months of Jan and Feb were well above normal. We even had a lot of 50 degree days. Now in March we are having our coldest days of the winter. Now the ponds are covered with ice…..after none in Jan.

    • Oh Ellen….I know, you’ve had quite a time of it lately and I do think about you. We’re in S. Carolina now and the temperature difference is amazing: very tropical and definitely warmer. Thought of you when I walked in Charleston!

  4. How you must look forward to that massive show of color after your long winter months. Our tulips in the south never last that long, but we do enjoy them. I look forward to Next weeks report.

    • Well, the winter months here are not half as long as up North where we lived for many, many years and for that I am thankful! I will take tulips in any form I can get them! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, esp. another Libby!

  5. I have the short stunted ones too………and I too was late!
    LA CONTESSA recently posted…TO MY TRIBE……..My Profile

    • Are you going to show us? I sort of can’t wait to get home on Sunday to see what has happened. It’s been a nice warm week there so I should have lots more color!

    • Oh, and I’m reading Mrs. Whaley’s Garden: thank you SO much for the reminder. Loving it, of course!

  6. Having persevered over many years tulips just don’t thrive for me. It’s too wet. And those which do make it usually get eaten by something. It’s a pleasure to enjoy yours!
    rusty duck recently posted…Sydney, The Big CityMy Profile

    • Thanks Jessica. And, having returned from our week away, I am very happy to report that the tulips are doing just fine!! I only hope they hang in there for my women’s group this Saturday!