I’ve been working on my newest business


for what seems like a lifetime!

It’s been up and operating (yes, I’ve had some sales!) but I wasn’t ready to put it up here.
Until today.

So click over to:

The tagline says, “Notecards that are colorful: flowers, French, vintage.” Well, that is sort of true. In the months….and months…and months that I have worked on this my inventory has changed, my sourcing has shifted a bit and I’ve totally redone the logo and wording. So that tagline is still subject to change.

As an example: this card of our local, iconic Belties didn’t even make an appearance until a month ago and has become one of my top searched and sold items.

If you look over on the right –> you will see my “Etsy Mini” on the sidebar. It’s been sitting there for a while, but I just moved it up many notches to make it front and center.

While Etsy is certainly not my only end goal in sales venues, it is a way to get started. I did do two local shows before Christmas, sold well, and learned SO much.  I will definitely be doing more local shows in the coming year and will let all you local people know about it. For now, it’s all about selling through Etsy!

I am having a “special” for the next two weeks, through January 31st.

And,  I will include one Valentine card, with envelope sticker, to all my followers here.
**That is FREE with any order**

I am working on/in the shop almost every day. I’ll be doing posts and stories here to either show you new items, or when I find something that relates to the shop. I won’t go on to describe just what is in the shop or why or how; I’ll let you explore…

But more than anything, I am so happy to finally share all this with you, my loyal followers and friends!


  1. Very pretty cards. If I lived in the States I would be ordering.
    Chicatanyage recently posted…Trip to St.Tropez marketMy Profile

  2. I love it Libby! So many great items and adore the Valentine cards – pinned away!!
    Design Chic recently posted…An American FarmhouseMy Profile

  3. Wow Libby! You have been working hard. I know what an Etsy shop entails and you have done a great job. Your cards are beautiful and I’m looking forward to getting some.

  4. Yay you! Congratulations. I did click over and it looks so fresh and pretty. When I have more time and not traveling, I will linger and shop.
    Again, congrats

    LA CONTESSA recently posted…NOT DONE WITH THE HOLIDAYS!My Profile

  6. Martha Moore says:

    Hi Libby-
    The Valentine cards are lovely and, as I’ve already told you, I love the Fearrington cards! Will be placing my order soon!

  7. Love love love everything! Congratulations.
    Jo Maeder recently posted…BEATING THE ODDS: FINDING LOVE AT ANY AGEMy Profile

  8. Thank you, everyone who has commented! I do appreciate it. I feel relieved it is finally DONE !!! Now, to begin marketing…
    Libby recently posted…IT’S HERE: MY ETSY SHOP REVEALED!My Profile

  9. This is fantastic Libby! I’ll be telling all my friends about it! Congratulations!!!!

  10. Congratulations, Libby. How exciting! I have thought about an Etsy shop, but I imagine it is a LOT of work to get it going. I don’t think I have the time right now. I admire you for doing it. I love your work and will be placing an order. Good luck with your new venture!
    Claudia recently posted…Black Hibiscus Candle by India HicksMy Profile

  11. Awesome. Congratulations on your new shop!
    Albert Nesmith recently posted… – Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator PackageMy Profile