Don’t you love it when you find a product that REALLY helps to solve a long standing problem?

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Every time I travel, I struggle with how to put all those bottles, tubes, containers and makeup in the appropriate toiletry kit. I rarely carry on a suitcase, so what we’re talking about here is what goes into my checked bag. I’ve tried many types of kits: bulky fold overs, box-type, clear bags, opaque bags, all in one kits, and (to me, worst of all!) using up to six kits for one trip. Let me say, I really don’t think I travel with all that much! I try to follow all the “travel rules”– put shampoo, conditioner, lotions etc in travel size plastic bottles, buy the tiny tube of toothpaste and mini dental floss etc etc. Nevertheless, all those mini’s just DO add up.

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It was a mess. Yes, those print bags make a cute set and yes, they do hold a lot. But bulky and awkward? More than over the top on that. That big square bag in the set is usually overflowing with all shapes and sizes of bottles and containers.

One of my newest and greatest finds is the


The EMME bag is an entire storage “system” for all your toiletries, makeup, tubes and anything else you carry with you on a trip. Many thanks to Susan at
Une Femme d’Un Certain âge
for her post earlier this year telling us of this bag! EMME is a woman-owned business and the customer service is the very best.
 Emily Constantini, creator and founder, is there to help you and to respond to any and all of your questions. When you order the bag you receive:

the bag
  • very complete adhesive label list
a huge selection of various size and shape plastic bottles, including spray
metal hanger
  • two attached zip out bags (use in your carry on?)

I’ve been playing around with all my usuals. The small compartments at the top here are perfect for makeup pads, contact lens, small tubes of sun block. Then the next tier, which is longer across , is perfect for toothbrush. On the left I have eye makeup remover and some liquid laundry soap.



 I wrote all of the above post last week before actually using the Emme bag. And now I can tell you that, after using it on a trip, it works SO WELL. Those two top sections, with the smaller pockets, are perfect. It’s very helpful to be able to section off various categories. And, the zip out pouches are very, very helpful. I also, for the first time ever, was able to hang the bag on a hook in the small bathroom we were using. This will be a great plus for upcoming European bathrooms…tried and tested, the EMME bag is a
Libby’s Likes!

Double Bonus: At the moment EMME Bags is offering a $15.00 discount if you like them on Facebook which makes the purchase even more appealing!



  1. This looks great. I wonder if I can get them here in the UK. I will check.

    • Josephine: Emily has been more than helpful and responsive to me…so write her directly and see what she says? I’m already rearranging and tweaking the kit for our Rome trip in two weeks!!!

    • Hi Josephine! Yes we do ship internationally with a flat rate of $15.00. The UK is one of our top customer countries 🙂 Thank you for your interest in EMME!

  2. How delightful – this is just what I’ve been looking for! My husband has a very handy toilet kit that hangs up & folds up, but the compartments were not sized right for my needs. I was hoping to find something just like this before our next trip. Thank you!
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  3. Libby, this DOES sound like a great product! Anything that helps organize is a good thing. I suppose that for airline travel, though, it’s only good in checked luggage, since carry-on bags must have all liquids in a quart-size bag. I try to carry on my bags whenever possible. But if you’re going on vacation by car or you check in your luggage at the airport, this sounds like the ideal solution.

    • Claudia: Well, there is a zip out insert that is clear plastic that you could keep separate for the security limits. I can’t tell you how wonderful I think this bag is…but I’ll let you all know the final, final thoughts after our trip!