Canna Lily

I’ve always been fascinated by them….so exotic, so colorful and so out of reach when I lived in a colder climate. But now I can grow them AND overwinter them!! I began with a few rather ordinary, garden center varieties two years ago. So this spring I decided to try some really exotic and unusual (read: expensive) varieties.

This is Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’


I went to Plant Delights over in Raleigh. They will mail order anything in their catalogue, but they also open up the center to the public several times a year. Mind you, this is one of the premier nurseries anywhere. The cover of the catalogue says, “Since 1988, Plant Delights Nursery is THE source for unique, rare and native perennial plants.” It’s true!

Canna Bengal TigerIMG_7913a_wm

Foliage of ‘Bengal Tiger’



It grows to 70″ high!

And here is a second variety, ‘Pink Sunburst’.


This is the foliage only: the flowers haven’t yet appeared.

Kind of fun, no? Do you grow Cannas? Any varieties you recommend to us?



  1. True Beauty!!
    Faiz Alam recently posted…More Than MakeupMy Profile

  2. Good grief, those are lovely! Mime are red and in bloom, waiting for you when you arrive. Remind me to show them to you. They were here when we bought the house. They bloom forever!
    Julieta Cadenas recently posted…Quick And Easy Summer Meals…Fettuccine With Mushrooms And AsparagusMy Profile

  3. Oh these are beautiful Libby!! We can grow them in here in the UK but they flower later in the summer and have to be dug up each winter. I have avoided them so far but you are making me reconsider.

    • Julie: Well, I am sure you would do a beautiful job with them! When do you leave for U.S.? Going to be hard to leave that garden even for a few weeks, no?

  4. Gorgeous!! I’ve grown cannas in pots before. That’s the only way to do it here in Canada. In fact, I think I’ve had Bengal Tiger or one similar. The variegated leaves are my favourite!!
    Heather – New House New Home recently posted…Updating My Guest Bedroom Bedding + A GiveawayMy Profile

    • Heather: I really do love them, and especially in our heat (going to hit 100 this week!) they are perfect. Nice hot sun and no water and they thrive: perfect! Next year I’m going to try some more varieties…

  5. The last time I grew cannas was several houses ago, and they were nothing like these exotic beauties. I would grow these just for the leaves! I’ll have to find a spot. Thanks for sharing.
    Suzanne recently posted…Garden ‘Volunteers’, Good and BadMy Profile

    • Suzanne: I love love them! Yes, the leaves alone are worth it. It’s been close to 100 here all week and these babies are very happy!! Can’t wait til next year when they multiply and also get larger.

  6. Canna lillies sure are exotic looking! That foliage is gorgeous.
    Claudia recently posted…Dahlia Blooms (and a Problem)My Profile