What do you think of when you see that word?
For me it brings back vivid images of the very short time I was there, on business, just north of New Delhi. I was working for a U.S. textile manufacturer who had strong ties with a supplier in the small town of Panipat. I was very hesitant to go but finally said yes… and oh, I have never, ever regretted that decision.
We first went to the huge trade show, Heimtex, in Frankfurt, Germany where, as I remember, we walked and walked and walked not only the show but the cobblestone streets. My feet were aching! 
On we went to New Delhi. Do you know why all flights land in the middle of the night? They must land during the coolest part of the day because the tarmac can get too hot and thus is not stable enough to support a huge 747. However,  flying in over the Himalyas at 1 AM with the moon shining was magical. 
I worked with our supplier in his factory in the small town of Panipat. I stayed in his family house. They boiled all my water, did my laundry and hung it on the cement walls of the house, and tried to keep my air conditioner running even during the rolling blackouts. The last few days we stayed in a luxury hotel in New Delhi where we did market shopping and sightseeing. 
When I saw this class being given in Jaipur, India in the fall I did a double take. 
What an opportunity.

 runs hands-on, learning workshops all over the world and in many, many different disciplines. Take a look at the extensive information on the site and you will be amazed!
Lotta Jansdotter’s designs are graphic, colorful and contemporary. She will be leading this workshop in Jaipur and will share her artistry with the group. You will also have time to explore the markets in the area… and to be in India! 
This map shows you
1) New Delhi
2) Where I had been, just south of Sonipat, in Panipat
3) Jaipur
There were no digital cameras or iPhones in those days, so all my pictures were on film. I’ve scanned a few here to show you:

I would love love love to go back to India; not on this trip, unfortunately, but


  1. Libby, you were lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to India and stay with a local resident. I'm sure it was an amazing experience. A friend of mine who has just retired is in India now visiting her son and his family who are living there. I think she is having a wonderful time.

  2. It looks like a wonderful experience (except for the snake charmer – I'm phobic). Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will get there someday, after France that is!

  3. Love the old photos, Libby! My husband left India at age 11 and will NOT travel there! He was thrilled to leave and move to the US. His memories are of "out of control" chaos, a "ridiculous" patriarchal society that disrespected women and the overwhelming sadness at the conditions of life there. His family was fine, middle class but he has wild stories of everyday life. I