We like to entertain at Sunday lunch. Two other couples, a bright sunny day, a really good soup, a big salad, a cheese tray
Queen Mother’s Cake.
What could be nicer?

Oh, and some Lillet aperitif to begin!

Those hydrangeas were still hanging on to my bush outside; I love the faded, vintage look!

Some candied cashews in a bowl brought to me from Portugal by my friend, Kate.
The soup tureen I ‘ve had for many years and, while it doesn’t get much use,  it’s SO perfect for the right occasion!

And for dessert, the pièce de resistance, “Queen Mother’s Cake”,
from Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Desserts.  This is one of my all time favorite cookbooks.  I actually have two copies: the first one I bought, in paper, became so dog-eared and stained and fragile that I hesitated to open it. My Mother had, after asking me about several recipes I had made, bought a copy. But I don’t think she ever used it. So I have her copy as my “working” book, and save my old one with the hand written notes in the margins.

This cake is flourless and uses finely ground almonds. The cook herself has said, 
“If there could be only one cake in the whole world, this would be my choice.” 
Try it: I promise you will like it!

Don’t you love these place card holders? I found the collection in Paris in a small brocante shop in the Village St. Paul, one of my favorite haunts in the Marais.
Ah well, back to everyday living and eating!



  1. Looks lovely! Your cake is beautiful, and delicious, I'm sure. I love your little place card holders – sweet!

  2. It all looks lovely. I could come to yours for Sunday Lunch anytime!!!

  3. I love the hydrangeas – great idea – I'm not sure I would have thought of it!

  4. Sunday lunch is my favorite time to entertain and that cake looks yummy. Must look for the copy I have of her book. Funny how many cookbooks we have in common! (generational?)

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