Christmas at Terrain

Gorgeous Christmas wreaths from Terrain.
I was browsing around earlier this evening, trying…to get back into Pinterest (it’s been weeks and weeks since I have added any images!) when I came across this first wreath.
love love love
Aren’t those pomegranates and bay leaves something else? Stunning…
Love the touch of birch bark with the red pepper berries!
Or, a refillable grapevine wreath/basket?
I’ll take one of each, please!


  1. They have so many gorgeous wreaths out now. I still like the classic simple ones the best! It's easier for me to see the beauty of a wreath when it has clean lines and a simple garnish or ribbon. 🙂

    Pretty selection!

  2. Hey LIbby, these are so pretty/inspiring! I am soo far behind with Christmas decorating,e tc.. too busy but looking forward to a little time soon… to get creative.. how about you? how's the season coming along?



  3. SO pretty. I have a bunch of that bark…got an idea for my front door now!