While in Paris why not do a food tour?
I subscribe to Paris By Mouth and especially like the “Tours and Tasting” page. I was fascinated by this as soon as I saw it. And, since we were staying in Montmartre for a few weeks, what better way to learn about the neighborhood than with a food tour?
As it turned out my business partner over at Provence Rugs, Delana, was coming to town for a few days and was more than enthusiastic to try this tour.
First stop: we actually learned the difference between un baguette tradition and a plain old baguette. Yes, there is a huge difference and from that day forward I always asked for un baguette tradition!
And, we learned the difference between un croissant au beurre and those crescent shaped “croissants”. The latter are made with margarine… yes, quelle horreur, margarine! You always want un croissant au beurre, right?
Oh, the charcuterie and pates!(sorry, can’t get the accents in here) We sampled about six of these and it was very, very hard to choose a favorite.
Olives, of course.
Seafood in all its glory:
I included this image because… can you see the label? Tahiti. I had never seen anything imported from Tahiti before! Maybe on the West Coast, but certainly not in the East. Zabar’s maybe? Well, I’ve never seen it and was amazed by this!
Break time at the Cafe on Rue Lepic… the same one appearing in the film Amelie!
The cheese shop. Well, what can I say. We spent a long time here, sampling and tasting. Goat cheese, cow’s milk cheese, yogurt (one of my most favorite things in France!), learning about ripeness and how soft a perfect cheese should be. At this point I think we were all a bit dazed…but on we went.
This was one I went back to buy several times: goat cheese with a fig “compote” on top.
To die for. Period.
Our final “tasting” selection:
Last, but not least, was the chocolate boutique!
The two of us with the eccentric unique owner of the shop!
We can highly recommend this tour, or any of those offered, from Paris By Mouth.
One small word of advice: wear comfortable shoes (we did) as you will stand and walk for almost three hours….



  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure with us!

  2. Oh wow, this sounds like a wonderful tour Libby…ohh those cheeses are to die for, lucky you!

  3. Libby how much fun can one woman have?? this tour looks fabulous! I am dying for the goat cheese topped with fig, hello??

    When do you come back to earth and return to our fair land?

    xoxo have fabulous rest of trip, I'm tweeting this post!

  4. Its lunch time here, and I am starving…this post makes me want a little bit of everything. What a wonderful opportunity!

    I hope you are having a wonderful time, Libby!

  5. I know exactly what chocolate shop you went to-the lady is eccentric but stocks amazing chocolates. I am going to be in Lyon and am going to visit Bernachon when I am there. You have me sold on this tour.

  6. My name is Esme-I am not sure if it appeared on my site-How did you like Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves-I have never been to the flea markets in Paris.

    Where in the south are you? I am in California-Bernachon has a tea salon in Lyon which I am going to visit. I am with you I do not drink coffee.

  7. What a fabulous tour! You certainly have my mouth watering.
    Mary Alice

  8. Denise is truly eccentric-I think I purchased about 50 euros of chocolate there-which is not that hard.

  9. Beautiful and tasty tour you provided today. Will keep Paris By Mouth in mind on our next visit there!

  10. Such a wonderful tour. How I loved Paris and to add the food is wondrous.

    Great to have you at Oh, the PLACES I've been.

    – The Tablescaper

  11. My mouth is watering! I love food tours! We've done one in Scottsdale, AZ and New Orleans. They are such a great way to sample the local flavors! We were in Paris a couple months ago, I wish we would have had time to do one there!