It’s official: this is THE DRESS I want.
Just my style. Just my colors. I’ve seen it in person and it took every ounce of willpower to not go and try it on.
Update:  I forgot to tell you WHY I resisted trying this on! The price of $188. Very simple. But if you want to take a look at it, just click here.
and here’s the back

and a great bag

on the other hand (I’m rambling here) I saw this bag last week and
It’s from Gigi New York

Isn’t it amazing how the cross-body bag aka messenger bag has come back in? A few years ago it was the dorkiest, geekiest look one could wear. But the bags sit so well on the body, you can move around with no fear of it slipping off your shoulder, and for travel, well, there is no equal. Paris this September???? Yes, PERFECT!
Ok, signing off for the day. We’re off to friends for an early dinner and then to see
“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. Cannot wait. Adore Judy Dench. Did you ever watch any of the PBS series “As Time Goes By”? It is one of my all time favorites, made perfect with her starring role. 



  1. Libby,

    That is really a sweet little dress and I love the blue bag. I'm not a fan of orange…I never have been and I know it is a really popular color this year. Guess I'm always a bit out of style! HA

  2. So why did you resist???? The dress is fabulous! I just love it. And the bags aren't too shabby either! The orangey/coral one is my favorite.