I REALLY wanted to show you my paint/DIY project of the weekend…but we’ve had a major power problem here! Seems a huge transformer blew this afternoon, so no power for hours… It’s back now, but too late for me to start the post.
So here is a “medley of greens”: my farmers’ market loot.
The beans down at the bottom were the best part: they are the petite “haricots vert” as seen in any French market, and rarely, if ever, seen here. There were bushels of them yesterday! We had them raw, with arugula, some goat cheese, fresh bread etc. Yes indeed, it was goooood!

and a teaser!

I’ll work on the post tomorrow and get it out just as soon as possible!


  1. Dearest Libby,

    You sure did have quite a loot from the Farmer's Market.
    Glad the power came back on.
    Looking forward to the finished project.

  2. I can't wait to see your painting project!

  3. Love haricots vert! I have seen them at Central Market pretty regularly.

    I purchased some of the French Linen and will be using it on a side table soon. I can't wait to see your DYI ~

  4. Hi Libby – Thank you for visiting my blog, and for leaving such kind comments. I really appreciate it! I am sorry to hear about the power outage 🙁 We get those all the time in Wash, DC….especially during thunderstorm season. I'm off to check out your Pinterest boards next.
    Cheers from DC!

  5. Love eating those greens,
    I just wish my son would be persuaded to try them.

    Your painting project would sure be looking great, can't wait to see them.

  6. Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with that paint…seems to me it's a dresser we're painting n'est ce pas? if it is I will be paying close attention. Got to get started with the guest room before all the lake fans arrive.

    BTW go to sandra's blog. she has just started posting on the tour. She knows all the names, like you!