I’m writing this post with a new program : BLOGSY
Ever heard of it? Well, the other apps for iPad just DO NOT work for posting on Blogger….believe me, I’ve tried them all many times.
BLOGSY seems to be great: let me know if this comes through for you, ok?
It’s Friday, and the beginning of a holiday week. Web traffic has already dropped off, no? It’s going to be over 100 all weekend here in North Carolina. So….I’ll be out watering these guys and all their many friends who live here, very early each morning!
Wow… I was even able to insert my “signature” in here!
Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Gorgeous fleurs my dear! It sounds like your temperatures are going to be as hot as here! It's been over 100 degrees for 3 days now! I hate it when it's that hot!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful flowers & post. Thanks for the information – I always look to you to point me in the direction of new innovations…..
    Stay cool – 100 degrees + humidity – that's hot!

  3. The post looks great, Libby, and that hollyhock is gorgeous! I'm not looking forward to this heat wave at all. I should probably go water the veggie garden right now even though it'll be wilted by noon. Oh well! Have a good weekend,

  4. Hi Libby,
    Beautiful post! It looks great, and thanks for the introduction to Blogsy. I've never heard of it. And yes, over 100 degrees in DC. I've been watering my garden, too. A lot of people are without power here…..crazy storm came through Friday night.