Finally, I have a clematis that is happy in my garden! I tried to grow this 
several times up north. But it just never worked… I would get a year, maybe two years, of stunted growth and then poof, gone the next spring.
This little baby seems very happy in my new garden. I really think I can see it grow, inch by inch, each day! 

My plant is happy; I am happy; all is good with the world!
For those of you not on Facebook, this is what I posted earlier today. My peonies, freshly cut this afternoon. Can you see the little sprigs of early lavender stuck in there?? Our hallway smells wonderful….
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. I love plants. I once had a peony plant in Northwest Indiana that grew beautifully along with lavender. I've never had a clematis but doubt it would have survived the winters up around Chicago! Pretty images!

  2. I'm so glad that you are finally able to grow Clematis – I can't here in the hot valley climate. It looks wonderful. So jealous.

  3. with clematis… first it sleeps, then it creeps, then it leaps. so you usually have to wait 3 years.