Just a little something for your summer evenings out!
Oh, I wish….
At $2,500.00 (yes, you read that right: Twenty-Five Hundred),  I will have to settle for oogling these on line or at Barney’s.

Too bad about that price tag: this one sure would look great with my new black dress! This great Calvin Klein dress came from TJMaxx for the grand total of $39.99. Not bad.

in the dressing room, sending a picture to my fashion guru aka daughter!
hem detail
Now, if only TJ would get in some of those Fendi bags…


  1. I love that dress. What would we do without our stylist daughters to give us advice, huh?

  2. Cyndi: So true! and thank goodness for iPhones!

  3. Oh and with my crazy self, I'd probably leave that handbag in the restaurant! 🙂

    And that dress from "T. J.'s " is a find. Good for you. I love the Maxx!

  4. Pretty dress and nice detail on the hem. I'm afraid at a price tag of $2,500 for the bag, I would be afraid to use it! LOL

    Big fan of T.J.'s and Homegoods!

  5. I bought a Fendi light weight tote 8 years ago that I still use for work and travel. Perhaps you can justify that cute bag somehow? Mother's Day?
    Darling dress.

  6. Lol, yep, totally wish TJMaxx carried some Fendi bags too – love that store… & great dress Libby!