Lots of new growth around here!
I will try to track these babies as they grow… maybe show you new images every few weeks.
In the meantime, I may not be blogging on a regular basis for the near future. I’ll stop in when I can, but I have a lot going on both here and in more distant places. Perhaps this coming Monday, but then I’ll be away the rest of the week. There are not enough hours in a day, right?

For those of you who are interested, I used BeFunky for these images. I used the “Instant” frame and then “Inkcalig” font. I must say, I’m having fun with this program: it’s almost as good as Picnik, but not quite.


  1. Beautiful flowers, indeed! We were just in Savannah and Azaleas were blooming everywhere. Things are turning green here, as well!

  2. Things are happening here too! beautiful pictures. must try that new app.

  3. Ha! I forgot that snapdragons are quasi-perennial. I am about to go see if the non-winter here in Massachusetts has prompted them to sprout.

  4. Spring is indeed in the air. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and I also love those grape hyacinths.

    Have a great weekend and see you next week!

  5. Very lovely! I love hydrangeas and those graph hyacinths. Spring is definitely in the air!

    Have a great weekend and see you next week!

  6. Almond blossoms are in abundance here….. I can't believe it! Early spring!

  7. The strangest thing happened when I saw that geranium photo. I actually SMELLED the scent of geraniums. Are you sure that program you're using doesn't have some kind of smell application to it? Beautiful shots. Thanks for a touch of spring.