There’s a new kid in town!
Wall Pop’s by Jonathan Adler and they’re really cool. The news appeared in my inbox just as I was starting my search for wall decals… serendipity indeed. 
This is the one I just might buy: 
And this is where I want them to go. I was thinking of decals, or possibly a stencil. Considered wallpaper, but I’m not a fan. 
At first I thought of a decal that would sort of “grow” up from the baseboard: either tall grasses, or maybe a tree of some kind? hmmm
But then the “Wall Pops” arrived in my inbox and I think….. that’s it!
Using that pattern above, here is a possibility. Pretty elaborate?
or a simpler, stripe version:
Back to Wall Pops.
They also make decal wall i.e. dry erase calenders; clever no?
and dry-erase dots:
and “Privacy Window Film”:
Take a look at the all new Wall Pops! and let me know what you think.


  1. What a cool concept! I'm forwarding this to a couple friends who would totally love to NOT have to deal with stenciling, but get the same effect.

  2. Libby, Love, Love, Love these! They're perfect for an apartment like mine where I'm not allowed to do any painting. They will come back to France with me the next time I come to the states.

  3. Libby,

    These are really cool. I think something like this would look great in your closet…something that would catch the eye. I like the decals the best.