Since there have been SO MANY blog posts about organizing, re-organizing, purging your stuff, and all sorts of new year’s storage resolutions, I will put in my two cents.
Here is the place I search for lots of tips about organization (home, office, kitchen, closets, drawers etc)
This is THE place to go for anything… anything… for 
“Office Style and Organization”. I get lost in the pages here. 
Looking for a “memo mousepad”?
How about this colorful “document file”?
or… a “cupcake memo pad”?

how about “day of the week magnetic clips?”
“Jane” is actually Holly Bohn from Jacksonville, Florida. The site and shop are updated daily and, in addition to actual products to buy, you can find so many hints and tips and suggestions for any room or area. Then, last but not least, go on over to TheBlog by Holly for some interesting interviews and stories.  The latest features Melissa Picheny of Declutter & Design : “creating space and peace of mind”.
Hope this has been helpful; let me know what you all think.


  1. Hi, Libby.
    I have been to SeeJaneWork – fun stuff! I think it's so important to have playful, joyful things around us when we work. I hate anything typically "office-y" in my home office. Grays and putty are SO not inspiring colors for me…or for anyone, for that matter.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog and for your thoughtful comments on my pink chair!