Busy weekend!
Let’s start with the flowers. We were having people over for a Sunday lunch (that’s l- u- n- c- h  not
b- r- u- n -c- h). I’m not a brunch fan…sorry.
So I bought these flowers at Whole Foods. They were nothing extraordinary, but I love the green sort of waxy looking petite mums. The colors were Christmasy without screaming Christmas, no?
I had bought this great glass and metal vase at Ace Hardware a few months ago. Actually, I think it’s meant for a candle which is what we normally have here. But it works very well for flowers!

Moving right along to the food. I made a minestrone soup from Marcella Hazan. Aside from the usual beans, zucchini, celery and carrots it also has shredded Savoy cabbage which adds a great texture!

you DO see that orange knife block in the background, don’t you???

love love love my soup tureen, thanks to my sister many years ago!

remember the wire basket? 

And for dessert a yummy, rich, decadent chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream ( and yes, I added sugar!)

Tomorrow I’ll show you some of our decorations. Don’t get your hopes up!!!   we do NOT have a tree this year as we are leaving on Saturday… but I think the mantel looks great. Check back tomorrow!



  1. What a lovely arrangement! I love the "vase". After looking at that yummy cake I have to go have dessert!

  2. I want to eat those photographs! Looks delicious and beautiful. Merry Christmas Libby!

  3. Mmmm…what a tasty looking lunch, Libby! Lovely flowers, too!

  4. Dear Libby,

    Is that a Reine de Saba I spy in your spring form? Julia Child would surely be smiling down.

    Best regards,

    Kate Weiner.

    P.S. Had considerable trouble sending this note. The form kept insisting I select a profile. Nothing from the pull-down menu made much sense to me.

  5. Everything looks wonderful, Libby. Hope you and the MR. have a great Christmas !

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