I love Buche de Noel. It is a family tradition in our house. No, I don’t make it, but am always on the lookout for the best one around. We’ve had some great ones, and some not very good ones.

But take a look at what the best of the best in Paris has to offer. 

Now wasn’t that wonderful? 


  1. Yes, Libby, they are all gorgeous, but Miel Bon Bons, in Carrboro Mill Mall, will make you one just as intricate, sophisticated, or as simple as you like, and delicious too. I ordered one last year that stole the show at the end of the meal. It will make you believe that you are having your "Réveillon" in Paris.


  2. They look amazing, I'm a chocoholic for sure !

  3. Well now this took my breath away. I've definitely got to re-think my Christmas buche. My little mushrooms decorations are just not going to cut it after this! I'm going for either the leopard one, or the orange with polka dots.

  4. I've always made the old fashioned buche. Did it yearly for many years. But these show me how much pastry has changed. They are gorgeous. Hadn't seen any like that in NYC but hadn't looked either and I wouldn't pay $80 so….I'm wondering in what place/state to find Carrboro Mill Mall?

  5. Libby,
    c'est magnifique et tres artistique et je vex bien a manger tous! Merci bien pour le "eye candy"

    Tammi xo