I  L- O- V- E  cranberry sauce. But it must have the whole cranberries in it… none of this jellied stuff for me.
Maybe you saw my post a year ago. But here it is again, just in case you’re still looking for the best ever crunchy, tart, and unusual cranberry sauce. It comes from This site used to be a real go-to place for me, but somehow it has “fallen out of favor”. I have a recipe box over there, but you know, I haven’t looked at it in months and months. Until today, that is. 
First, to find the cranberries. 
Fresh Market has them floating in a “bog”! What a great idea. So, I scooped up about a pound and took them home.

To make it simple and easy for you I’ve copied the recipe here:
Believe me, this is as good as it gets! Let me know if you try and how you like it!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



  1. i love that bog! what a neat idea. However, as a jelly lover, I do have to stand up for the oceanspray can :)

  2. Thanks Libby. I actually have some frozen cranberries that my mom brought in her luggage last year. Of course, I'll probably be eating my sauce with a peanut butter sandwich. Watching French dubbed reruns of Starsky and Hutch!

  3. How seriously fun! I've never got my cranberries any other way than out of a bag!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

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