It is with very great pleasure that I can tell you something about my new venture!
I have a business partner, Delana, and together we are frantically working on the GRAND OPENING of our online store. Can’t tell you the name of it yet as it’s not live at this time.
We are hoping to open for business next week!
Oh, the planning. The hours spent at the computer. The Skyping (thank goodness!). So many issues to deal with. 
Here is a sneak preview of what you will see:

If you love color; if you love Provence; if you want something unique for your home……..
you will want to visit our store!
Have a nice weekend everyone. 
You know where I will be: at the computer or checking inventory or printing labels or refining packaging or just maybe sipping tea and staring out the window for a five minute break!


  1. Comment dit on YOU GO GIRLS in French??? I know this will be a huge success. Bravo! Rugs for everybody! No home shall be without a Provencal tray!

  2. It's the middle of the night chez toi but I'm up preparing for another day of trouble shooting on the %$#%# computer. But I'm excited too. Here's to a slice of Provence in EVERY home in the United States!

  3. Thanks Julie!!! This can only mean more trips to your part of the world!!

  4. Congratulations Libby. So exciting, I wish you lots of success in your new business venture !

  5. can't wait!

  6. I can't wait for the grand opening!

  7. Yay Libby, congrats & can't wait to see your new venture!

  8. Very exciting, Libby. Congrats! Much success to you both in your new venture.

  9. Félicitations to your both Libby. That is great news, I am looking forward to the greand oepening. I know it will be splendid.
    Bonne chance,