We took a Sunday morning drive from Aix-en-Provence to the lovely town of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (antique capital of France) for the weekly antique/brocante market. Gorgeous day… Luckily we got there before the REAL crowds descended.

Shopping, looking, drooling over the antiques, trying on some fun clothes, taking pictures, and finally lunch.
Then it was off to the Herve Di Rosa exhibit at the Campredon Centre . Built in 1746, the house and grounds are beautiful, and nestled in a lovely section of the town. They only have 3 or 4 exhibitions a year,so we were fortunate to catch this one. I had just read about the exhibit, the day before leaving home, in Interior Design. Well, we just caught it: the very last afternoon!

My friend, Delana

All is well here! You most likely will not hear from me again this week, but I DO have a guest post for you on Friday. Enjoy!


  1. This sharing is full of Shopping,drooling over the antiques,taking pictures,lunch and all.I can see here so many nice picture of your visit.Nice to see these all the things.

  2. You didn't even mention the DiRosa's Robot Invasion series! Geez. Or Mari sleeping during the movie! But it was a beautiful, wonderful day.

  3. Oh Libby, I'm so envious of your trip to France. It's been ages since I went back and I'm dying to go. Perhaps next year. Nice to see the museum building but no brocante photos? Hope so.
    Looking forward to those updates.


  4. the last pic with your friend delana looks so pretty!

  5. This blog is very nice .I can see here so many nice picture of your visit. Thanks for sharing it.