My new blogger friend, Martina Fuchs, was very fortunate indeed…she was able to interview Tricia Guild!
While Martina’s blog is in German, the entire interview is in English. 
For copyright reasons, I am not able to embed the YouTube video/interview here, but if you go to Martina’s blog here you can watch the first part, and Part II is here.
I have a collection of Tricia Guild books and am constantly amazed and inspired by her color! Here are a few of the covers. You can buy here or here!.

The sheer variety of her color stories is overwhelming and so inspiring…

Hope you will take a few minutes to watch and listen to the interview!


  1. I've always been a big fan of Tricia Guild myself! The color is a definite draw for me too…
    Love the post!

  2. Also a fan! Love the colors.

  3. This is a fantastic news! I am also a fan of Tricia Guild, her patterns are quite gorgeous. I have a couple of books of hers, Think Colour is one of them! Thank you for sharing this, it made my day! – Barbara