This is what arrived at our front door recently:

Really, I kid you not…these are the pictures I took after getting over my initial shock that ANYONE would leave such a package at a customer’s front door! Never saw the truck: he was long gone…
And THIS is what we unwrapped and put together:

Yes, I too was amazed. Perfect. Even the shade was untouched.
 Incredible. And it is per….fect for this spot!

In all fairness: perhaps Fed Ex was not totally to blame. This was ordered from one of those well known on-line sites you probably see in your inbox every day. I called them, emailed and sent theses pictures. They “are investigating” at the warehouse.


  1. I've received a few boxes like that! It's amazing that your lovely lamp was not damaged!

  2. Cool lamp! where is it from???

  3. Love the lamp – I'm amazed that it wasn't damaged in that crumpled box! It looks great in your living room!