This is a repost!!
It’s summer time and the basil is flourishing and it’s time to make your pesto, so I wanted to share this post, and the recipes with you again and offer it to my newest followers and readers.
There are many, many recipes for pesto sauce and, if you make it often, you probably have it down to a quick, memorized refrain. Right?
But have you thought of experimenting?


Years ago I was given a pesto sauce recipe from a colleague in the design studio where I worked. I was new to pesto (I know, amazing, right?). She swore by this one and said it was really unique.
Here is her recipe as I wrote it way back when.

Ginny’s Pesto

2 cups basil
1/2 c. sweet vermouth
1 clove garlic
3/4 tsp. tabasco
3 tbl. white vinegar or white wine
2 tsp. Worcestershire
1/2 c. olive oil
Put the basil, vermouth & garlic in blender/Cuisinart. Mix the other ingredients and add.
Pretty simple, no? Well, I don’t like Worcestershire at all, and I never like spice/hot i.e. Tabasco so I tried a variation of it.

Libby’s Pesto

2 cups (at least!) basil leaves
1/4 to 1/2 c. sweet vermouth
2 large cloves garlic
1/2 c. toasted pine nuts
1/2 c. olive oil
Put everything together in Cuisinart.
Be sure to toast the pine nuts!
I don’t add cheese until we are at the table: personal preference.
The vermouth adds a sweetness to this AND the final product is creamier and not so oily.

This is it, with the lightly toasted pine nuts, ready to go for a whirl in the Cuisinart.


The finished product, ready to be served:
I had almonds in the kitchen, and with another two cups of basil, I tried this variation.
 Ready to go:


And here it is. We found that the main difference is in the texture. The almond version is much grainier and not as smooth. Neither is better or worse…just different.
Do you have any unusual pesto recipe?




Flowers in New England
We saw some mighty fine vistas, flowers, lakes and enjoyed some lovely cool weather!
For this week’s Friday Flowers I want to highlight just a few of the colors and flowers from our road trip to New England.


Rosa Rugosa. They are everywhere!


Garden at N. Hero House IMG_8139a_wm

Helianthus (don’t know which variety…)



Chives, in full flower!



Love in a Mist aka nigella



Roadside daisies

And here, on one of several visits to family and friends:

Loved these gerberas sitting on the railing at my brother’s house. And, the light in the morning was just perfect!




Another stop on our road trip :
Sweet wildflowers in the most charming farm house in upstate New York.

Wildflowers IMG_6364_wm


Lake Champlain views:

N. Hero Cove IMG_8176_wm

To be continued.
I will show you some more images next week in a more complete travel post!

Have a lovely weekend everyone….




Fine Gardening Magazine
is one of my principal go-to sources for all things garden. I subscribe to the magazine and tend to save copies for a little too long! But it is a really good source for ideas, suggestions, colors, layouts, new plants, garden hardware etc etc.

I thought you might enjoy these two videos on
“Designing a Small Border”

It’s mid-summer and not the ideal time to plant a bed, or any flowers or plants. But it’s never too early, or late, to begin planning. Maybe these videos will get your thinking…

Today is Friday, July 10th. By the time this goes out and you are reading, I will be long gone on our road trip! I will post a few times while we’re gone, and certainly if you check my Instagram feed (or, over there on the sidebar) you will see what I’m doing and where I am.